What do you think about and organization that has felons on its payroll?

What about an organization involved in a RICO suit, that had to pay out a $15.7 million settlement?

A “charity” that has lost its Charity rating, one that parks $25 million in offshore accounts.

What about an organization that spend most of the donation money it receives on salaries, retirement and more fundraising.

An organization that gives less than 1% to the animals it purports to help?

An organization under investigation by the Attorney Generals of several states and the IRS.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is “guilty” of all of the above.

John P. Goodwin, hired by HSUS in 19997, a former Animal Liberation Front (ALF) with a jail record. Goodwin, HSUS Grassroots coordinator and  a committed vegan states “My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.”  (read about Goodwin )

Humane Society of the United States suit against Ringling Bros. was dismissed by the Judge because HSUS paid a witness. Ringling then brought a Racketeering Lawsuit against HSUS in which they were successful. HSUS paid Ringling $15.7million, while the ASPCA (a co defendant) paid Ringling $9.5 million. (read more  here and  Ringling )

In July 2014, Charity Navigator, one of the most trustworthy charity evaluators, revoked HSUS charity status.

HSUSAnimalShelterPercentages2014 The map to the left shows the HSUS 2014 spending for shelters by state. Those sad eyed puppy commercials are lies.








To get the full picture on the Humane Society of the United States visit  HumaneWatch


Another site that is informative about the animals rights issues in agriculture is Protect the Harvest



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