The Cost of Racketeering….. Animal Shelters Lose


The Humane Society of the United States and co defendants have agree to pay $15.75 Million to Feld Entertainment to settle the RICO lawsuit filed against them by Feld Entertainment (Ringling Bros.). This follows the settlement by the ASPCA in 2012 of $9.3 million.
In a long drawn-out battle of over 10 years Feld prevailed in their charges that HSUS, ASPCA their affiliates and employees. Feld filed against animal rights activists under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act after litigation brought by those groups against Ringling/Feld was thrown out of court.
The key witness against in the case against Ringling by the animal rights activists groups was paid with a mob like witness payoff scheme through HSUS et al. Checks signed by Wayne Pacelle of HSUS made out to the elephant trainer turned witness were entered as evidence. The judge in that case found that HSUS’ “star” witness” was “not credible” and “even lied” to the court, in addition to being a “paid witness”.
The revelations in this case illustrate how the money collected by HSUS, ASPCA and other related groups is actually used. No puppies or kittens benefitted as shown in the countless ads run on television, instead a dishonest employee and a cadre of lawyers received payment to pursue a business engaged in legal operations. This time they picked on the wrong business. Feld is not your local dog breeder, or stable manager. They had the resources to fight the animal rights activists, and prevail.
So next time you see one of those heart wrenching commercials think of what the elephant did to the “mob, ” smile and send your money to you local animal shelter.

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