If there’s not a crisis make one up….

(picture from HumaneWatch)

The latest Humane Society of the United States target is the internet Hunting. HSUS feels this hot button issue needs to be addressing with a specific fundraising letter. The problem is that internet hunting doesn’t exists. (Internet Hunting).

Now one may wonder about the connect between Unicorn, internet hunting and the Walking Horse industry. The fact is that like the mythical unicorn, and internet hunting, the “rampant soring in the Tennessee Walking Horse” does not exist. The Tennessee Walking Horse industry’s compliance rate with the law coincides with those of the USDA for 2015 stand at 98%.

While for the cumulative years years 2007-2014 Industry statistics show 99.3%.


The Tennessee Walking Horse Industry does not deny that it had a past problem, but that problem was addressed and CONTINUES to be addressed. The industry continues to move forwards. A Veterinary Advisory Committee has been formed with outstanding individuals consulting with the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration to insure that our horses compete at their highest level, while keeping the welfare of the horse in the forefront. VAC adds Hunt

In the final analysis HSUS and other animal rights organizations goals are the perpetuation of their anti animal use, anti-animal ownership, anti-hunting and fishing and anti-agriculture agenda.

If the facts don’t fit their agenda, well forget the facts, they will play commercials of animals they don’t assist, they will rebrand industries and will throw sound science to the wind.






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