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Make a donation today to help our cause. Below are several key area's in which we need your support and your donations.

PSHA General Fund

While the money from memberships will be used in every facet of PSHA, there will always be a need for additional funds. Lobbying, education and other necessary expenses cannot be covered in full by membership alone at this time, and still keep the cost of joining reasonable. Every donation will be allocated to areas of need as they arise…….

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Donations to the LEGAL FUND are earmarked for the Lawsuit involving the proposed changes to the REGULATIONS….. Please give.

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PSHA Print Campaign

One Tennessean ad runs $5000, an Ad in USA TODAY is approx $15,000. Those who have been reading the oppositions positions constantly in print understand that we must counter these. While we are attempting to establish liaisons with friendly reporters, this is difficult in a notoriously liberal media. To get the message out about our industry we must purchase pages to put it on…. Please donate to this campaign….. .

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PSHA Washington Outreach

As many of you are aware several trips by supporters of the Walking Horse Industry have been made to DC to speak directly with Congress. More are planned. But in order to enable a more diversified segment of our industry to make the costly trek to DC, we find that a pool of funding must be available to assist with expenses. Not only do people have to cover the costs of flights and hotels and meals, many of industry people lose money just taking off from work. Funding given to this campaign will go to cover the flights and hotels for those constituents. HSUS and the opposition walk the halls of Congress daily …… send a friend to DC …. Please give more access to our legislators….

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