The Performance Show Horse Association (PSHA) has been developed to preserve, promote and defend the traditional show horse, which is judged on gait in the show ring. As a Performance Horse Owner, PSHA is your line of defense.

PSHA is not only a watch dog group on legislative matters adversely affecting horse industries but also a driving force for proactive show horse legislation. Our goal is to stabilize the competition in the show ring by ensuring uniform and fair standards of competition, while keeping the welfare of the horse in the forefront.

PSHA will be your voice in Washington on legislative matters.

Promotion of the Performance Show Horse by PSHA will be thru developing and maintaining a targeted Public Relations Campaign aimed at educating the general public about the attributes of the show horse and dispelling false information distributed by animal rights groups and others who are opposed to all aspects of equine competition.

Performance Show Horse Association will be proactive in preserving and developing horse shows for the Performance Horse.


PSHA has not only preserved show ring competition under adverse circumstances but has spearheaded legislation that presents a positive solution ensuring not only fairness in the show ring but promoting the welfare of the horse.

Our Board of Directors

Terry L. Dotson

Chairman of the Board
President, Chairman, & CEO Worldwide Equipment Enterprises, Inc. and Subsidiaries of Prestonburg, KY.

Mike Inman

CEO at Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.

Mike Davis

Board Member

Bill Young

Board Member

Mickey McCormick

Board Member

Jamie Hankins

Board Member

Jim Cortner

Board Member
Vice President/Owner
Moore-Cortner, Inc.; Franklin Memorial Gardens, Inc.; Winchester Monument Company in Winchester, TN.

Bruce MacDonald

Board Member
President of Carrier Transicold South in Atlanta, GA

Linton Griffith

Board Member
President & CEO of Griffith Coal Company; Dags Branch Coal Co., Inc.; G.G.&D., Inc.

Duke Thorson

Board Member
Owner / President of ThorWorks Industries, Inc. of Sandusky,OH.